Micro-Moments Require Macro-Relevant Content


Micro-moments are quick vortices of relevance for the mobile user and the marketer. Leveraging these bursts of consumer attention requires relevant, specific, and timely content. How a marketer tailors these messages requires a personalized understanding of how consumers are using their personalized mobile devices.

In this infographic, the creative team at Noblestudios.com demonstrates how a marketer can become a, “Micro-moment hero.”


The largest challenge in writing about a marketer’s need to home in on micro-moments is tip-toeing around plagiarism because of the wealth of concise, micro-specific, written material on the subject. Google has invested in a website specifically for marketer education surrounding micro-moments. And many—if not all—articles quote their statistics. https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/micromoments/

Micro-moments are the intensely-focused purpose-driven usage that occur between a user, an app or web/mobile site, and their personal mobile device. These moments are “micro” because of their ever-shortening duration. They are the moments that surround decision making. Google says that the four moments every marketer should know are these: “Want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-do, and want-to-buy.” A marketer will appreciate that a readiness for maximizing their messages/marketing during these moments will demonstrate results.

Micro-moments are the fine-tuning of targeted marketing. When the consumer is hyper-focused, marketers leveraging that moment will build relationships and have the capability to measure the results of them.

Forester Research explains that measurement of micro-moments is measuring a mind shift that users have made while using their mobile devices. In this moments, sensory triggers have a heightened importance. “The triggers that create micro moments must be timely, simple, and hyper-relevant.”


Google provides a statistical “snap-shot” of how usage has formed these micro-moments, “As mobile’s share of web sessions has increased 20 percent in the past year, the time spent per visit has fallen by 18 percent, according to the company. Users dart on and dart off their phones to find information, but Google also says that mobile conversion rates have also increased by 29 percent, aggregated Google Analytics data shows.”


Marketing to moments and capitalization of and creation of micro-moments requires a marketer’s hypersensitivity to detail and relevance. The key is to design applications and sites that deliver the exact, relevant interaction in a mobile moment. Josh Bernoff explains, “A micro moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that you can either consume, or act on immediately”

Because managing micro-moments allows a marketer to: “. . make it easy to buy on impulse, alert people that they ought to take action, and alert people that no action is required”, they are a powerful tool when used with immerging wearable and location-based technology.

An example of a well-managed micro-moment is the mobile event activated by a wine vendor. “Wines ’Til Sold Out (WTSO) sends a notification that sounds like clinking glasses telling you the wine of the day. Buy a bottle and get a great deal, if it’s not too late. One day, WTSO sold 105,000 bottles. Flash sales like that are a powerful way to win in a micro moment.”


From https://www.plus.google.com



Lead Image Jenbear designs Jenbear.com

Micro-Moments by Think with Google

Source: Micro-Moments Require Macro-Relevant Content

One thought on “Micro-Moments Require Macro-Relevant Content

  1. I’ve never heard of a micro-moment before. Now I know of another marketing tool! From what I understand, an effective micro-moment engages consumers in positive ways.

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