Leveraging the Infographic


What makes a great infographic?

Care and targeting intention makes a great infographic.

Well, that was easy. But how do marketers exhibit and monitor care and targeted intention while putting forth meaningful content that hits the four E’s (excite, education, experience, and engage) of the social and digital media framework?

A wealth of strategies from social and digital media sources offer tactics and habits that can guide a marketer through the infographic-creation process and criterion of highly effective infographics that will provide marketing leverage.

One of the primary principles of effective infographia can be drawn from Social Caffeine,

In a nutshell, “Don’t Be Lazy” because, “Infographics don’t just appear at the click of your fingers. Creating good infographics takes time and effort. You’ve got to start with a ton of research to find data that has the power to shock, educate, or provoke an emotional reaction. Then you’ve got to check that data is from a reliable source.Finally, you’ve got to pull together your data into a quality design. That means investing time designing it yourself (there are low-cost design solutions if you’re not a wizard with Adobe’s software), or hiring out the work to a pro designer.”

Now that we’ve dug in, done the research, and produced the visual, it’s time to consider our infographic’s effectiveness prognosis in a see of mass media.

“As the social media powerhouse Jeff Bullas has pointed out, infographics are so effective because they:

  1. Are Attractive. Good looks draw eyeballs and create “addictive content”.
  2. Are Scannable. The web has transformed the way we read and take in content. People skim-read instead of pondering every word. Infographics are highly scannable, so they’re perfect for the modern reader.
  3. Have Viral Potential. Infographics are easy to share, and people love to share them.
  4. Show that You’re an Expert. Infographics display a ton of data in an easy to understand way. As such, they can position you as an expert in your field.”

Interactive Infographia and “Motion Graphics.”

Interactive Infographia delivers experience while covertly requiring engagement.

Motion Graphics may feel more film-like, but offer marketers a tool with which to excel at the storytelling component of great content creation.

Grow ideas and become inspired as you progress through traditional marketing steps in the social and mobile marketing framework. This motion graphic hits the four E’s. It Excites, engages, educates through process, and offers consumer experience with the birth and fruition of ideas.

How much motion do you really need to offer? Tailoring dynamics to message are an important intangible of infographic design.

Bizbrain.org brings us this motion infographic. It’s motion is stylistic and used in a strategic and impactful way.


The Dare Grad Scheme predicts an infographic usage trajectory that is all-encompassing stating that, “Soon, there will be an infographic about everything.”

Are you ready to dive in to infographia?

Viewing this Canva-created motion graphic is a great way to take-the-edge off and begin building a user experience that will excite, educate, offer your consumer a meaningful experience, and engage that customer in playing an active roll in the marketer-consumer relationship.





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