If Content is “King,” the Infographic reigns as the Queen


By 2012 Marketing experts were certain that the infographic was dead then just like ’80’s fashion, the infographic utilized new tech and became stylish again.

What can the new and improved infographic do for your marketing campaign?

The queenly infographic utilizes its soft skills to hit the 4 E’s  in new and inventive ways. Excite, Educate, Provide Experience, and Engage the consumer.

A dynamic infographic stimulates in a storytelling manner that offers the consumer a memorable experience and the marketer an opportunity to leave an indelible impression upon their target customer.

How creative can a graphic be? Marketing Content 2.0 requires its queen to offer movement and divergence from the flat, 2d picture experiences of the past.

With the advent of the motion infographic, creative limits are removed and there are no limit to the uses of this powerful device.

Good is an online “magazine for global citizens.” When you visit you will find powerful infographics that utilize multiple visual strategies.

The “Who is Paying for President,” infographic masters color and dimension providing an easily readable and navigable experience.

This link to the “Your Daily Dose of Water,” will take you on an educational experience that incorporates movement.


Good host infographic from many creative sources. “The Wide World of Coffee: How to Make Every Coffee Drink You Ever Wanted,” delivers with a graphics-enhanced chart from the talent at Fastcodesign.com. Compresensive information for the coffee fan that may be missing only one coffee drink preparation i.e. the cafe’ granita. Delivered in a fun-to-read pop chart format.


When wielded conscientiously, today’s infographic is the marketer’s strongest content tool. An infographic has a unique opportunity to excite and delight.

Cat fan or not, I challenge you to not experience delight at the following infographic which offers an analysis of social media phenoms entitled, “Grumpy Cat and ‘lil Bub Meet.”


Graphic novels are different from a comic book, they offer quickly developing story lines with a different artistry offering through images.

The motion infographic device is a perfect pairing for this graphic novel.



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