Content Metrics: A Marketer’s Closest Friend


Reviewing this Curata infographic will probably make you expel a slightly overwhelmed sigh. The plethora of content-related and curated content metrics available is massive, yet excitingly cool if you dare to really “go there.”

John Battelle, wrote “Has Tech Gotten Boring?” this month for LinkedIn. He offers marketers motivations to dig into the state of the tech market despite mixed successes  boiling it down to, “Gather insights, pick them lemons, make lemonade.” These are also the strategies and behaviors that also allow marketers to benefit from running and understanding marketing content metrics. Mr. Battelle’s directive to, “Make lemonade,” is a directive to discover and uncover opportunities. Opportunities to fix/repair and improve content in strategic ways that will garner more success.

Where to start? Rand Fishkin from offers a comprehensive white-board style presentation in this video link.

This white-board snapshot begins the “Right Traffic Metrics Dashboard” building.

metrics dashboard

The fundamental content marketing metrics funnel begins with Awareness. As Mr. Fishkin outlines, awareness moves toward these consumer processes, “I’ve heard of your brand. I know something about who you are. I first visit your website. I make returning visits to your site. I make a conversion at some point.”

The awareness momentum can include mentions on social media, press and brand mentions, and referring links (search engine analytics offer specific brand search metrics.)

After building a dashboard–similar to a playbook–visits can be counted. First visits, total visits, and return visits offer insights as to content engagement and overall effectiveness.

Finally, the big Kahuna, conversion rates have the last say and is dependent on the tactics the marketer utilized to nudge the consumer into conversion.







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