The Zero Moment of Truth is Realized Through Micro-Moment Pings


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The Marketing mill at Google brought us ZMOT. Zero Moment of Truth is the consumer moment–the ping if you will–when a consumer initiates searching digitally, considers taking, and acts upon their impressions.

Brian Solis from Alitmeter Group analysis ZMOT and its micro-moment components in this article.

Jim Lecinski, in his Google 2011 publication, “Winning in the Zero Moment of Truth,” lays out a game plan for achieving and leveraging ZMOT through identifying and creating micro-moments.

His tactics have these three tiers to help maximize and build the business/marketer to consumer relationship: First Moment of Truth (FMOT) when the product introduction occurs, the Second Moment of Truth (SMOT) when the consumer experiences through product through all senses, and the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) when an assessment can be offered as to relationship strength.

Brian Solis has since offered Ultimate Moment of Truth insights. His UMOT is the moment when customers consider their product experiences and share them through reviews, posts, or other forms of communications.

UMOT can inform quality of experience and relationship-building and product quality needs. An integral part and opportunity of this after-purchase care can be turning the after-purchase into its own micro-moment.

How does a marketer move–with the consumer–through the moment of truth steps to that nirvana state of ZMOT?

Micro-moments are impactful, memorable consumer experiences related to and with a product.

In “Best Practices: The Ten Ways Marketers Can Compete for Micro-Moments, marketers are offered strategies that can help them frame their advertising strategies in the micro-moment bundle.

Google defined the micro-moment as a series of “I want” scenarios and digital processes.  Marketers can enhance experience through any consumer desire that begins with,

“I want to learn…

I want to buy…

I want to know…

I want to go…

I want to do…”

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