Curation: A Unique Content-ish Creation


Curation is not just for libraries and museums. Curation lives in the moment to moment content publishing through the on-line medium. Curation–in a nutshell–is sharing content, not selling content.

Kristina Cisnero through offers a “Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation.” In her tutorial she details the systems that must be applied to ensure that daily, weekly, and monthly curation provides quality and connections that customer bases and wider audiences find meaningful.


Curation is a process of sorting through massive amounts of similarly threaded information, compiling the most relevant of those informative connections, and providing the curated links in a digestible, meaningful, relevant, and timely manner through the appropriate on-line vehicle(s).

The actions required in content curation and dissemination are similar to the mechanism and characteristics of general content creation because both require that a  unique perspective and purpose be present and communicated throughout the process. Effective and value-adding curated content must have a point-of-view.

How marketers share content, when marketers share content, and the frequency through which content is curated can translate to a consumer perception of added value. Curated content should also be considered as an additional, ever-evolving level of customer care.

Vicki Rackner, President of Targeting Doctors, presents tips on leveraging curated content while adding extra value.

Curated Email Newsletter how-to from Curation Traffic and Youbrand Inc.


YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest excel at content curation. Their content is most often curated by their users. In these highly-optimized forums, curating software and search engines offer content and services tailored to personal user/subscriber preferences.

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