Every Brand Has a Story to Tell


Featured image from Hunter Territo via SlideShare.net

When a brand represents a story, the consumer is invested in its success. Brand success is reliant upon the story.

The 4 E’s become possible for brands presented in a storytelling framework. The brevity restrictions placed upon marketers by the social media matrix only enhance the longevity of brand storytelling impression.

Marketers will Excite the customer, educate the customer, create opportunity for the customer to experience the product or service, and engage the customer through brand storytelling via the on-line and social media experience.

Marketing motivations of hitting the 4 E’s are highlighted in this video from D&AD.

The included PodTech.net video is packed with statistics supporting brand storytelling and focuses marketers on the disposition to become conscientious of cost per engagement. This is a transition from a cost per click focus.

Brand storytelling becomes engagement most quickly where–in the virtual world–related conversations are already happening. This is a transition from the traditional marketing thought of organically creating the conversation and the environment where–physically and virtually–that conversation will happen.

This PodTech.net video offers a demonstration on marketing strategies achieved through valuable brand storytelling content.

In the article “The Art of Corporate Storytelling,” Stavros Papagianneas discusses the importance and seamless application of traditional journalism standards in the realm of on-line media and social media. This wise–olfactory-driven–beagle knows how to sniff out a good story in the traditional world. Hi can alter his storytelling modality for the on-line and social media world, while utilizing his traditional narrative principles

Sleepy beagle dog in funny glasses near laptop

Sleepy beagle dog in funny glasses near laptop


Shanna Mallon succinctly points out in her, “Digital Storytelling Techniques, ” article that brand storytelling through on-line and the social media matrix can show consumers the “human side” of a brand.



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