Proximity Marketing — Memberships’ Privilege is Hyper-Relevant Content

Featured image from Dave Rozek

Proximity marketing is the content delivery application.

Micro-locations are the environments where the application lives.

beacon-technology-overview-7-638Inforgraphic from Donnovan Andrews

“Beacon” is a word that suggests promise, guidance, satisfaction, and opportunity. In the technical application as part of  IoT (Internet of Things), beacons can provide a delivery system for hyper-relevant messages broadcast to an audience captivated by their smart phones.

Marketers can maximize their environment investments through regular application of relevant content that excites, educates, engages, and entertains their consumer.

Writing for, Shubhi Mittal highlights effective proximity marketing in retail micro-environments.

Beyond the retail, educational and safety opportunities abound with the application of proximity marketing notifications in micro-environment settings.

Mesh all-wireless-campus


From author Neha Malliks piece

Museums will soon exchange the push button prompts for proximity marketing messages increasing engagement and offering user metrics that can offer opportunities to grow usership and relevance.

What is your favorite non-commercial application of proximity marketing?

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