Content Marketing 2.0


You’ve probably heard that “Content is King.”

What does that mean? And is it an exciting new trend?

Content has been supreme since the beginning of human communication.

We crave the story, we crave the conversation, we long for inclusion, and we require meaning. We require relevant content. Content that is not relevant to our life, lifestyle, and/or life path has no meaning it has no value and is disregarded as noise.

My radio broadcast career gave witness to building fundamentally engaging and relevant audio content.  The social media interloper weened and morphed that content value onto a new frontier. The new content frontier is the social media matrix.

Good broadcast content is rare in today’s homogenized audio stream. Broadcast deregulation birthed in the Clinton administration grew to monopolistic porportions through the the course of both Bush administrations. Today, foreign interests can own American broadcast outlets.

These sources offer more detail regarding telecommunication legislation; specifically 1996 telecommunication de-regulation law.

Radio Deregulation: Has it Served Citizens and Musicians?…/FMCradiostudy.pdf

Whose Interest: How the FCC’s Deregulation of Radio Station Ownership Has Harmed the Public Interest and How We Can Escape from the Swamp

The Fallout From the Telecommunications Act of 1996…/National_050905_Fallout_Fr..

The resulting cloning of format from one group radio channel to another and dismissal from Federal Communication Commission priority has resulted in limited diminished consumer value offering and loss of 95% of industry employment.

Where’s the content?

With this important content channel diminished to the point of obliteration, the content vacuum became filled through the social media matrix.

What make good broadcast content meaningful?

Traditional content principles that thrived in a regulated and competitive broadcast industry live in the social media matrix.

A skilled air talent–a.k.a. DJ–could communicate value in an immediate, time-sensitive fashion. Each air talent functioned as a marketer for their radio-station product. Today’s content developers–web-designer, photo-sharer, or blogger be–market their forum product similarly to broadcast content agents.

A few conscientious practices of a value-driven marketer and how these traditional marketing principles live in social media are highlighted below.

Sharing Information: In the broadcast world this means knowing your listener/consumer well and tailoring brief messages that offer timely value and benefit to that consumer.

Effective social media requires the same consumer targeting, value offering, brevity, and value offering.

Balancing benefits with costs: A good broadcaster is an architect of message. He or she constantly questions the substance of message, how to best present the message in a brief, relevant, engaging, and value-driven manner.

Effective social media content requires similar balance of benefits with costs. Social media content providers must demand clarity of message and benefits balanced with the cost (in time, emotional investment, and money) to the consumer. Effective and actionable social media content must convey its over-reaching relevancy to the consumer in an ubiquitous and non-aggressive manner.

Building relationships with customers which means maintaining a relational perspective, minding the customer relationship: The best radio broadcast content includes the listener/consumer through implied inclusion and/or audio interaction.

Science meets artistry when an air talent crafts relevant content that is appreciated by the consumer as speaking directly to them and welcoming their participation in future content.

What does it mean to “welcome” consumer participation? It’s the tactic or device used when creating and delivering content whereby the consumer appreciates the tone and intention of the value offered as an invitation to participate.

Participation can mean anything in the radio broadcast business. It could mean calling in to the station, visiting a business advertising through the media form, sharing through word-of-mouth advertising a personal level of engagement or favor.

It could mean creating a feeling of inclusion or part of a group forming an ownership identity (“It’s my favorite radio station”) or creating an identifiable coding of daily habit through companionship and usage (“I always listen on the drive to work.”)

The 4 E’s of traditional Marketing Principles are key to building relationships with customers and minding the customer relationship in effective radio broadcasting and can be equally dynamic and effective in the social media matrix. Effective social media content thrives through exiting and surprising the consumer, offering consumer education regarding topics of relevancy to specifically to them,  sharing of experience, and engaging the consumer.

Content Marketing Strategy in the social media matrix is well-appointed with the following considerations from Demand Media.

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