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Message interference is often found in the “how” of message delivery

When the radio broadcast medium was the most effective method of reaching consumers where they were, would be, and wanted to be; messages were rarely subject to interference. There was no need to reflect upon how marketing messages reached their desired target, they simply met their target.

Digital reality has businesses, marketers, and consumers alike invested in mastery over the how of message transmission to gain acoustic control of the communication process. This control value offering takes the form of fluency, immediacy, and relevance.


IoT (internet of things) image from Wordstream.com

I developed Taking Principles beyond Traditional Marketing with the goal of providing information and insights that remove the awkwardness of communicating through the IoT.

The ease of sending and receiving radio broadcast messages is the missing component of digital marketing delivery because the massive IoT (internet of things) can feel cumbersome for the consumer to utilize and awkward for the marketer to navigate.

I hope these blogs grow ease and quality of communication throughout digital marketing frameworks. Digital reality is as ubiquitous as radio ever was in its heyday; however, the process of send and receiving messages and relationship building requires through that feedback loop has become more complex with the expansion of  the IoT.

Providing Value Offering 2.0 requires removing psychical and psychological IoT barriers while creating a marketing latticework composed of traditional and digital tools. This latticework is the place where relevant content and relationships can grow.


King’s Cross Station image from http://www.travel.nationalgeographic.com